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General Products

We specialise in acquiring products that are normally hard to find. we have a huge range of products to offer such as gaming equipment, perfume, music instruments and so on but these below are just a few examples of what we do. 

Check out the list below to see more.

Household Products

Browse our substantial listings in Household Products for your daily needs and general utility


We have a wide range of clocks to fit most trends: electronic, ceramic, wooden, dial, designer, dome and more..


Need kitchen and cookware at very reasonable prices? We carry pots & pans sets, knife sets, coffee makers, plates, cups, saucer sets, and much more.

General Plastic Goods

We have a huge collection of plastic goods. Please contact us for a complete list of general plastic goods.

Wooden Furniture

We offer an extensive range of beautiful wooden furniture like entertainment centres, dressers, cabinets, tables and chairs, etc.


This line includes assorted wooden items for your kitchen and household needs, as well as novelties and more.

Lighting Products

Our catalogue includes many beautiful lamps and lights; utilitarian, decorative or seasonal. You can also send your own design to us for a quote on duplication

Wallets and Purses

We carry a broad assortment of purses, wallets, card holders, etc. All are available in different types of materials including leather. 

Fridge Magnets

Here are just a few examples of refrigerator  magnets from among our hundreds of styles to choose from.

Electrical Products

Electric kettles, power outlets, cord extensions, assorted AC adaptors, etc..


Recreational Items

Shoes and Belts

Treat yourself to something special from our line of stylish shoes, sneakers, hush puppies etc. Browse through our large collection of designer belts in all sizes for both men and women.

Toys and Games

Our toys and games comprise one of our most popular lines. Want to duplicate a stuffed favourite? Just send us your design or sample and we will deliver a great product to you at a competitive price.

Fishing Accessories

Looking to catch the big one? We carry a wide range of quality fishing items including rods, lures, tackle and reels.


Briefcases and Attachés

Our fashionable briefcases and attachés come in a vast selection of styles and materials including leather. Special customizing or duplication of models we don't feature is also available.


Garden Tools

Got a green thumb? This line includes various types of tools and accessories for your gardening needs: rakes, hoes, clippers, knee mats, etc., equipped with rubber, wooden or plastic handles, sold separately or in complete matching sets.


Christmas Items

Whether you want arresting Christmas decorations for the table, lights for the house or Christmas tree, or cute little statuettes and figurines, we can provide them all. Choose from our vast selection, including many unlisted items, or ask us to duplicate something you have seen elsewhere.

Musical Instruments & Accessories

With years of experience in dealing with musical instruments you will note that we are well versed in this area.

Electronics and Cameras

Our extensive electronics line consists of cameras, portable music players, stereo systems etc. in various price range and styles including special logo or corporate give-a-ways.

Bags and Luggage

Sports bags, overnight bags, suitcases, travel bags, carry on bags, coordinated suitcase sets, our inventory includes virtually any type or size available.


Choose something suited to your style and character from our diverse selection of desirable brand name fragrances.