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Marigold Enterprises Ltd. provides an extensive range of Inspection and Quality Control services, focused on factory assessment, goods inspection, and quality assurance. Our experts have comprehensive skills in consumer product delivery, and are constantly monitoring new technologies.

We can provide an overall service, covering the Asia Pacific area and Mainland China including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Yiwu and Northern China.

"At Marigold you will get quality products and services"


Our Statement

Marigold believes that maintaining quality is one of the most important factors in business success. To guarantee the highest level of quality for our products we have stationed full-time, in-house QC specialists in all our factories. No matter how distant our clients are, they can be as confident of quality as if they were on-site, personally overseeing our quality control & productivity for themselves.

Our Commitment

We are committed to constantly improving our Quality Control procedures and upgrading the professional skills and resources of our staff and in-house team of experts. Management also plays a significant role in our commitment by staying fully informed with written report summaries in all assigned areas of liability including direct correspondence with our customers.

Overall Accountability Model 

With ongoing reports from every department in the field to our Headquarters in Hong Kong, each employee in our organization is a valued component responsible for reporting any inconsistencies in samples replication, product fabrication, shipment scheduling and workmanship in their phase of our operations. In addition, we carry out thorough general inspections on a regular basis.